Samuel Klein’s life trajectory serves as inspiration to the Institute’s efforts. timeline


“What keeps me alive is the trust I have on others.”Samuel Klein

Samuel Klein was known for his striking statements and we have listed, here, a few:

The Institute

ISK supports social transforming initiatives in seeking a fair, nurturing and balanced society.

Values to transform

The Institute was founded in 2014, by Natalie and Raphael, Samuel Klein’s grandchildren. Its missions is to foster impactful social investment in three main pillars:

  • Contribution to the ongoing improvement on quality education in Brazil;
  • Strengthening bond with Jewish culture;
  • Supporting innovative entrepreneurship initiatives.

ISK has a technical team for pre analysis of initiatives in the respective field of work and the screening process is carried out over the year.

The chosen projects go through the Executive Board as well as the Advisory Board’s full approval.



Learn about support given by ISK to proposals of social organizations and individuals:

  • Education

    The focus here is on projects that target quality education strengthening in Brazil.

    Support given to organizations and projects in 2015
  • Judaism

    Initiatives are driven by intensifying Jewish bond in Brazil through different cultural manifestations.


The Institute wants to learn about your idea or initiative. If you are the head of a Social Organization with a project or holding your own project that falls into one of ISK’s fields of work, please contact us. Complete the form and wait for our reply. Form