Support given to organizations and projects in 2015

  • Instituto Brasil Solidário

    The Program on Education Development is applied to public schools in municipalities with low HDI and aims to support educators, managers and students with techniques and methodologies to improve quality of learning process.

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  • Unibes

    Scholarship donations for children and youngsters from Jewish schools in the city of São Paulo.

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  • Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil

    Pilot Project on Financial Education in elementary schools of Manaus and Joinville, with production of teaching material and teacher training in 200 public schools.

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  • Todos Pela Educação

    The Observatório do Plano Nacional de Educação is a project co-sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank and aims at analyzing and publishing data about Brazil’s education development for the stewardship and advocacy actions of society.

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  • Projeto Arrastão via Instituto Azzi

    Youth in the Moda do Arrastão prioritizes vocational training of 60 youngsters in fashion design in the neighborhood of Campo Limpo, south zone in the city of São Paulo.

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  • Schools: Lubavitch and Gani

    Implementing action plan geared towards improvement of school curriculum, teaching, administration of both schools.

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  • Centro de Recuperação e Educação Nutricional via Instituto Azzi

    Institution development support for the fight against malnutrition in 143 children in two care units in São Paulo.

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  • Yeshivá Lubavitch Brasil

    Assessment of basic content of school subjects in secular education.

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  • Confederação Israelita do Brasil

    Participation in Brazil’s 1st Jewish school meeting discussing sustainability, management, teaching propositions, teacher education and training.

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  • Education

    The focus here is on projects that target quality education strengthening in Brazil.