Samuel Klein would always express his thoughts in striking statements. Get to know some of his statements.

“God was very generous to me. It gave me a star that keeps on shining ”

“You have to live and let others live too”

“Nobody has the right to take anything from the other. Much less freedom ”

“It is important to understand what the other needs to live and be happy”

“The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity”

“One plus one equals two. But the sum of an idea plus an idea are not two ideas, but thousands of them ”

“The wealth of poor men is their name. Acquired line of credit is about soft science, not hard. Whether the customer is a janitor or a mason, if they are good payers, Casas Bahia will give them lines of credit, that way they are able to rescue their citizenship and make their dreams come true.”

“The secret lies on having well purchased purchase and good selling sales.”

“We must love the Country we live in. The word crisis is not in my dictionary. I always bought it at 100 and sold it at 200.”

“From good dating you get good marriage. From good conversation you get good deals.”

“My motto is trust. Trusting patrons, suppliers, employees, friends and mainly trusting myself.”