Raphael Klein, 42, is the grandson of Samuel Klein, a Polish immigrant and founder of the largest retail chain in Brazil, Casas Bahia.

He started his professional career at Marlin Mazda and later served as General Manager, at Ford Motor Company Dealer, in Coral Gables, Florida – USA.

He lived outside Brazil for almost a decade, during which time he graduated in Business Administration from Ford University, with a specialization at Florida International University.

In 2006, already in Brazil, he took over as Marketing Director for Casas Bahia, making it the 7th most valuable brand in Brazil and the largest advertiser in Latin America. He also implemented the e-commerce platform and several other brand projects.

With his father, Michael Klein, Raphael led the association of Casas Bahia with Ponto Frio, creating Via Varejo, the company where he was CEO until November 2012.

In 2014, he participated in the Private Wealth Management Program at the Family Business and Office School in Miami USA and then created the Samuel Klein Institute in partnership with his sister, Natalie Klein.

The institute aims to maintain the legacy of his grandfather, Samuel Klein, and become a reference in supporting transformative social initiatives that encourage and inspire individuals in the practice of solidarity for the consolidation of a fairer and welcoming society.

In 2017 Raphael created the Investment Fund Kviv Ventures which mission is to positively impact society bringing opportunities for strengthening and growth. Thus, this fund invests mainly in companies whose products or services can contribute to the achievement of this objective.

Today, in the portfolio, there are companies such as “Avante”, which grants micro credit to micro entrepreneurs. “Kit Livre”, which produces a kit that transforms wheelchairs into an electric tricycle, bringing mobility and inclusion to wheelchair users. “WNutritional”, which produces the functional LifeMix Juice, which helps bring health to people. There are nine other companies who intent to positively impact society.

Graduated from HBS OPM – Owner/President Management by Havard Business School – Boston/USA. Raphael is married, father of two children: Esther, and the youngest Samuel. His hobbies are running, riding a motorcycle and participating in rallies.